Do It Yourself!

You can do it!”  Will it be easy? no.  Will you get stuck?  yes.  Should you be good at problem solving and learning new things?  probably.  But be encouraged that there are many people (including me) who were in your shoes at one point.  Web design is a terrific skill that is both rewarding and challenging.

And as with any journey, the first steps are the hardest.  If you’d like to hire me as your Website Coach, I can walk you through a lot of the beginner set up and design questions over the course of a few conversations.  If you’d rather jump right in, here are a few resources that I recommend to help you get started:


If you are thinking about moving from Blogger to WordPress, or if you are planning to launch your first site, you will need to rent server space that is connected to the internet.  This is where the website’s content is stored (it is often referred to as web hosting).  I recommend SiteGround for most of my clients who have a small to medium size site (with an eye towards growth!).

Domain Name:

If you don’t already have one, you need to purchase a domain name (for example is this website’s domain name).  There are literally THOUSANDS of places you can do this, but I recommend as your best option.  They have excellent prices and terrific customer service.

WordPress Theme:

I highly recommend the themes at Studio Press.  The are WordPress experts and have beautiful child themes that are lovely right out of the box.  If you have multiple sites that you are updating, the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package is a great option since it will save you significant money over time.

More Help?

I’m not quite ready to hire a designer!  If you purchase the Studio Press themes, you can do many customizations yourself using a great tool called Design Palette.  It’s super easy to manage and they have terrific tutorials and support.

Looking for expert tips on lots of tech topics?  I use and recommend for their expert content and high teaching standards. They are the industry leaders for tech teaching and their courses are worth the investment.  You can also get 10 days of free, unlimited access to any of the courses!

Still not sure?  I’m glad to answer whatever questions you have, just ask!