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“Why am I scared to price things?!”

Entrepreneurs are passionate.  They are smart and they work hard for every scrap of success.  Product creation, project management, customer service — you do it all.

Yet there is oftern one, great big elephant in the room…  PRICE!

Tell me if these situations sound familiar:

  • You propose a price and it’s accepted (YEAH!) and you wonder if you under-charged.
  • You propose a price and it’s declined (UGH!) and you wonder if you over-charged.
  • You work for a client who wants to pay the least and expects the most (and you resent all the work you gave away for free because you want to be nice. (AHHHH!)

Let me just say:  NO MORE!

  • Are you ready to remove the stress and anxiety over setting prices for client proposals?
  • Are you ready to implement a pricing strategy that grows your business for the LONG TERM, not just this month?
  • Are you ready to say “NEVER AGAIN” when you’re tempted to lower your proposal prices because you don’t want to “lose the client”?

If you said YES, then it’s time to change what you’ve been doing.


The New Entrepreneur’s Guide to set prices and write proposals that win.

Step away from the trap of “Over Delivering, but Under Charging.” Overcome your fear of missing a sale and sacrificing your company’s profitability (and long-term success).

How Much Do You Charge?” was created to remove the guesswork from your pricing strategy, empowering entrepreneurs and service providers to build proposals that CONSISTENTLY convert to sales and new clients.  You will learn the strategy that gives you the confidence you need to set a price you deserve.

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