Help Me Identify My Idea!

“I totally want to do this, but I don’t know what my IDEA is.  I see other people running with businesses and I want that for myself.  But what do I have that I can act on?!”


I hear this all. the. time.

In the grocery store, at the pool, when I tell new friends about the work I do.  It’s as if people think there is a magical elixir that everyone else has that they are missing.

Are you feeling the same way?  Do you feel like you have a desire to make a change, but you just don’t see your opportunity to take the first step?

You are not alone.  We can figure this out.  But you need to take the first step and connect.

Once I hear from you we can set up a phone call and we’ll talk.  I’ll ask you questions to dig into your experiences, your work, your interests.  We’ll talk together and look to uncover your “Super Talent,” the thing that you do so naturally that you probably don’t even realize it’s special.

But I can’t help if you don’t take the first step.  The ball is in your court.  No more excuses.  Let’s connect.