Let’s Work Together

Group Training: Focusing on Key Business Needs

Are you interested in growing your business and learning from the experience of others?

Each quarter I facilitate an amazing online group training that focuses on a key area of business development. This is incredibly valuable for new businesses who are preparing their launch, established businesses that are looking for new markets, and Side Hustles that are ready to become legit.  Topics include pricing strategies, strategic planning, brand development, website design, search engine optimization, and public relations.

Participants are invited to share their biggest struggles and challenges, while also learning from each other’s success.  If you find value in a group dynamic, if you need the accountability to show up and get things moving, this is a perfect place to start.

The next course is scheduled for May 2019. The enrollment is limited in order to allow significant interaction with one another while still capturing the personalized, relational approach that past clients rave about.  If this sounds like something that you would like to explore, please send me a note and I will be glad to give you more details!


VIP Day: Intensive Focus, Radical Results

How can an intensive day of collaboration transform your business?

Twice a month I schedule a VIP Intensive, giving individuals and businesses the opportunity to get a LOT done in a short time.  We dig deep into thorny issues, break down obstacles, laser focus your strategy, and get your business growing NOW.

You decide where we focus our time together.  Need help with sales messaging?  Struggling to reach your ideal client? Frustrated with the layout of your website? During a VIP Intensive, you have exclusive access to every aspect of my coaching – my brain, my words, my creativity – all focused on your project, exclusively.

Just like iron sharpens iron, the full force of a VIP Intensive is incredible to witness.  These dates fill up quickly.

Project Collaboration: 

You need a partnership that drives results, not creates distractions.

When you are at a transition point, stepping into an exciting but new season, knowing where to go and how to get there is priceless.  And the truth is, everyone at the top of the ladder has had a coach to get them there.  There is extraordinary value in having an objective, smart and experienced person guide you through the process.  Honestly, prioritizing your efforts and clarifying your targets can make the difference between profitability and a dead dream.

Only you can determine the value of investing in your future.  Only you can decide when you’re tired of spinning your wheels.  But when you reach the point where your goal is important enough, it’s time to invest in a partnership.  You will gain accountability, fresh insights and a refined strategy that is perfectly customized to YOU and YOUR GOAL.

Clear away the obstacles in front of you.  Prepare yourself to get excited again.