Wait?! Is your pricing strategy hurting your business?!

Here are three simple changes to ditch your low ball pricing strategy...

Could you be hurting your business with a proposal price that is too low?

(and are you ready for a simple strategy to change this?)

If you are nodding your head in agreement, I have three simple shifts you can make that will help you break out of this pricing rut!

  • You're attracting high maintenance and demanding clients who push back against everything you suggest.
  • You feel like you are just GUESSING at the proposal price and it stresses you out!
  • You resent the fact that you're underpaid (even though YOU quoted the price for your project).

With Sharon's guidance entrepreneurs learn what to do and how to do it. She’s “the secret weapon that transforms entrepreneurial dreams into reality.”

A unique blend of award-winning sales expertise combined with technical know-how.  She understands how to help you implement clear, actionable strategies so that you can grow your business… and your bank account!

“I’d recommend her to anyone.”

Mavis Butterfield, clients since 2011

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